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Welcome to Pivot For Life!

Equip Yourself with the Tools to Pivot and Thrive

Currently offering mental health services through telehealth only.

Comprehensive and compassionate support and healing for individuals and couples confronting life's challenges and embracing change.

Choose Your Support

Individual Therapy

individualized therapeutic services for adolescents, emerging adults, and adults. I adapt my interventions based on a comprehensive assessment of who an individual is and exactly what they need.

Couples Therapy

We work to deepen friendship; create intimacy; productively manage conflicts; develop methods and tools to manage resolvable problems; and explore ongoing issues. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid

a skills-based training that teaches individua how to identify, understand and respond to an adolescent (ages 12-18) who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. 

“Mrs. Smith is incredibly friendly and caring, and her expertise and professionalism is unmatched. She provided strategies and tools to help our kids navigate daily challenges that provided inspiration and hope for all that attended our workshop.”

- Shantiki Sanders, PWC Chapter Jack & Jill of America, Inc

Currently offering mental health services through telehealth only.


I am a person-centered therapist, believing in the power of change by offering unconditional positive regard and allowing you to express yourself freely, honestly, and without judgment. At the same time, I offer a practical, trauma-informed approach, utilizing evidenced-based strategies to challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone as you navigate life’s changes.


I hope to partner with you on your journey to wellness and healing, offering warmth, support, kindness, and a little humor and laughter.

Where Healing Meets Hope

For Crisis Resources + Hotlines and More Click Here

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